Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan for Unexpected Disasters

When your business gets disrupted by either a manmade or natural disaster, you could end up losing out on money. From lost revenues in addition to extra expenses, reduced profits are likely, especially since insurance does not cover everything and it cannot replace the customers lost during recovery. For the sake of your business’ brand, finances, and reputation, a business continuity plan is critical.

What exactly is a business continuity plan? These plans are formalised documents that outline what steps your team should take when disaster strikes, whether that is in the form of a cyber-attack, damaging storm, or any other eventuality. When developed properly, one of these plans should assign key roles and outline who should take on alternative work processes to reduce damage and allow your business to run as normally as possible.

Your business continuity plan should include six essential features:

  1. Gather essential documents and records and keep them in strategic locations.
  2. Put together paper records of your essential clients and vendors.
  3. Identify ways to set up a place of business operation in a separate location.
  4. Equip your office with emergency supplies, such as water, a first aid kit, and batteries.
  5. Test out your plan before it is too late and review it often to ensure everything is up to date.
  6. Invest in a reliable data backup system.

type or size of business you run

No matter the type or size of business you run, at SouthEast IT, we can help you plan for unexpected business disasters by helping you reliably and securely back up your data. Contact us today to discuss your options and how we can protect your business when it matters most.