MYOB Migration, Melbourne, VIC

Preserve your settings and budgets with MYOB migration support from our team.

MYOB Migration in Melbourne, VIC
The best cloud accounting system for small businesses in Melbourne, MYOB is cost effective and easy to use. At SouthEast IT, we specialise in MYOB v19 migrations to MYOBA AccountRight Live. While upgrading to AccountRight Live, you must also configure BudgetLink correctly to preserve any previous settings and budgets. We can help with this seamless transfer of data in addition to bank feeds activation and multicurrency upgrades.

For MYOB migrations to go smoothly, we recommend accounting for all points before you begin:

  • Double check you have received and finalised all pending purchase orders. If you cannot do this, make a note of any pending purchase orders and manually enter them into the cloud file following migration.
  • Before importing stock to the cloud file, complete a final account of all stocks.
  • Document when you disconnect Saasu or Xero.
  • Enter all balances of accounts and receivables into the cloud file.
  • Take a note of all payments to invoices that have been manually entered or successfully exported.

There are many self-help guides online that outline how to complete MYOB migrations independently without the oversight of a certified MYOB partner. Since your business’ accounting information is so critical to your operations, we urge you to trust the migration process to our team instead to preserve your data and prevent a complete or partial loss of information.

Improve your business’ financial transparency and make it easier to record and analyse important financial information by upgrading your MYOB account to AccountRight Live. Contact us at SouthEast IT today to find out more about the MYOB migration process and how we can help.

MYOB migration will allow you to keep your business is on track to success in Melbourne.

You’ve decided to take the plunge – you are going to change your company processes, and that requires you to migrate your data between various platforms to get one succinct set of data for your business to work across. Often either all your data is on software or in MYOB, which means migration of data is required for everything to sync. You warn your employees that they all need their protective gear as you aren’t sure how the process is going to go . . .

Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but going through any migration to a new system can be daunting. What are the implications? Will it look the same and have the same functions? Luckily, you have our team at SouthEast IT. We are your first choice when you need assistance with an MYOB migration because we can act as your MYOB consultants and provide support and training to ensure that you get the most out of your software system.

Did you know MYOB also offers creative products and solutions for your business as you expand and improve your services, called third party add-ons? This can often involve many different processes and data migration between software, which will allow you to streamline your admin processes, enjoy faster and more efficient communication with your customers, and ensure your business is on the simplest track to success. At SouthEast IT, we are certified MYOB consultants, and we pride ourselves on uncomplicated software and IT systems that are easy to understand and use, including MYOB and managed IT support services. We can also help you address cost savings and improved performance with MYOB support.

Because SouthEast IT is a local business in the Melbourne area, we can help make your MYOB migration an easy transition by providing one-one-one assistance. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience in the IT industry, and we offer many strategies and solutions for your small business. With MYOB, you will enjoy improved communication with your customers and create an exciting plan for your business in Melbourne, Victoria. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with IT services and your MYOB migration. Your IT solutions are just a click or phone call away!