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Email Services for Business, Melbourne

If you’re looking for better business email services to brand your emails you’re at the right place.

Do you wish you could archive your business emails so you can refer back to them as needed? Would you like to move your business towards a more secure email server? At SouthEast IT, we know that email has become one of the most important communication tools used daily for many businesses, and that is why is it is so important to have email services for business that meet your needs. When you work with us, we provide several important features you will enjoy.

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  • Archiving – Are you sick of searching through multiple archive files looking for an email you saved years earlier but you don’t know which folder it was in? Email archiving is an excellent option that allows you to store each message from your organisation with the option to search and retrieve messages later as you need them.
  • Hosting – Based on Microsoft Exchange, our email services for business offer the same functionality and full access as an in-house server, but with important features that offer remote access, mobile device syncing, contact lists, and shared calendars, to name a few. We can also register your domain names and set up personalised accounts for you and your team.
  • Security – At SouthEast IT, our email services for business protect your servers and mailboxes by filtering emails before they enter your business network. You’ll enjoy a cut down on potential threats like spam, viruses, and phishing scams.

At SouthEast IT, our email services for business offer you a range of options while providing convenience and security. You can also ask us about our cloud file sharing options, so you can have remote access, fully backed up exchange servers, and easy storage and archiving of your data. At SouthEast It, we are your top resource for email services for business in Melbourne. Contact us today to get started.

Business Email Hosting, Melbourne, VIC

Enhance communication security and professionalism with our business email hosting solutions.

While many businesses in Melbourne, Victoria choose to use free email hosting providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, or even Hotmail, most opt for the professionalism, branding cohesiveness, and reliability of professional hosting. At SouthEast IT, we can take over your existing business email hosting or develop a new account for your operations if your communications have yet to be professionally hosted. Advantages of allowing us to take over your business email hosting include:

  • We offer immense security for your business communications.
  • We can scale your email hosting needs according to the specific size of your business.
  • We can work across multiple devices.
  • We can set up permissions for your employees to securely access their email from outside the office.
  • We will ensure all email addresses used by your company reflect your brand/domain name.
  • We will implement practices for proper spam blocking, backing up of data, and archiving older communications.

We also offer email migration services as part of the business email hosting process, and our team will ensure no data loss occurs and you experience minimal downtime. We recommend migrating your email to Microsoft 365 and can help with Gmail or G Suite to Office 365 migration, hosted exchange to 365 migration, online server to Office 365 migration, or Microsoft small business server to Office 365 migration.

We can also help you determine the right Office 365 product for your business email hosting to fit the requirements of your small or medium-sized business. Contact us today to set up your free consultation regarding your business email hosting needs!

Email Services for Small Business, Melbourne

Our email services for small business can provide credibility for your Melbourne business.

At SouthEast IT, we offer Melbourne-based exchange hosted emails using the latest version of Microsoft Exchange, fully maintained. If you are using POP3 or IMAP accounts and are worried if your emails are being backed up, our email services for small business are perfect for you.

If you can’t sync your emails between your PC and phone or tablet, then let us help you with a hosted email solution. With our email services for small business, you can feel secure with your emails synced in the cloud with our secure, fully backed-up exchange servers hosted in one of Melbourne, Victoria’s well-known data centres in Port Melbourne. Rest assured your emails are not one hard drive failure away from being lost or corrupted.

At Southeast IT, we can also register your domain name and set up personalised email accounts for you, as well. Imagine having and how professional you will look to your clients.

Call us or email for a free consultation on email services for small business and how we can provide credibility to your business!

For friendly, helpful service contact us today for more information or to have your questions answered.

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Google Rating
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