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MYOB Software & Training Services

Your MYOB Support Service Needs Are Here, High Level Queries to Migration and Everything in Between

There are times when you need to call on an expert for MYOB support training and services for your Melbourne small business because your internal accounts team aren’t able to carry out a task.

That’s where talking to an MYOB certified consultant is a smart choice. It can also save a lot of time and also potential mistakes from trying to work things out internally.

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MYOB is like all powerful software in that it takes time to learn. Often software isn’t fully implemented to its maximum potential and that can mean your business is missing out on internal efficiencies. With our training you’ll find ways to be far more efficient to make better use of MYOB to save data entry time and keep employees happier.

7 Common Reasons for MYOB Assistance

There are many reasons and here are some of the most common ones…

  • New company file creation and setup
  • Training on maximising MYOB to its fullest potential and benefit to your business
  • Merging MYOB files
  • Migrations between software platforms
  • High level bookkeeping queries
  • File cloning and cleanup – i.e. deletion of data to make files smaller
  • Setup of STP, bank feeds, pay Super and BAS link

Our aim is to assist you and your business only as much as you require. That means to assist you to educate your team as quickly as possible, not to lock you into a long term program of some kind.

One quick phone call to our MYOB certified consultant can quickly determine if you need our assistance or if your challenge can be addressed simply and immediately.

You’ll be pleased to know our MYOB consulting service is charged in 15 minute increments so you’re not paying for more than you need with any consultation.

Our MYOB certified consultant has direct consulting access to MYOB’s own dedicated, certified consultant support line. This can mean answers to your queries, if it requires us contacting MYOB support, will be addressed much faster. This can save hours of time in getting your queries answered.

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How the MYOB Consulting Service Works

Give our team a call and our MYOB certified consultant will discuss your needs and what the next steps are, with an estimation of time to complete the work.

In that discussion we’ll identify of the work can be carried out remotely or onsite with implementation. Once you agree with the price, a New Client Service Agreement document will be provided.

Once its signed we’ll schedule an appointment to begin the work and see it through to completion as soon as possible.

Contact us by phone or email or via the Contact us page to discuss your situation and needs.

Our Primary Aim

MYOB is a complex beast with many intricacies. Few users understand how to shortcut their time with data entry by utilising it to its full potential. Our primary aim is to save you time to make our services a great investment.

Experience has shown that teaching users how to utilise bank feeds effectively it will save a potentially 4 hours of data entry or more in time every week. Determining whether the time saving is achievable for your team can be discussed during our first phone call.

This is just one of many examples where understanding how to use MYOB like a pro can result in significant financial benefits to your business.

Reduce staff data entry by simplifying and cutting down unnecessary double data entry by implementing easy-to-use custom scripts designed for your business process.

Common MYOB Services to Improve Your Business

  • Purchasing new licenses
  • Setting up your MYOB data file
  • Exporting & importing data from existing data finance system
  • Training and business mapping processes
  • Implementation of retail manager as POS system
  • Supply your MYOB products and install along with associated software
  • Assist to set up your MYOB data file
  • Provide training and ongoing support
  • MYOB running slowly
  • Optimising your MYOB file
  • Fixing corrupt MYOB file
  • Custom scripts
  • Customising MYOB forms
  • Getting MYOB running efficiently over your network
  • Transferring MYOB to the cloud

MYOB consultancy services are perfect for companies of any size.

You can contact SouthEast IT for implementing MYOB to work with most existing hardware and linking multi-sites for real-time stock levels, sales to GST and profits to name a few applications.

Contact us today by phone, email or our Contact page to discuss your MYOB needs.

MYOB Consultants

MYOB software is clever, intuitive financial software many businesses in Melbourne use day-to-day to run their business financials. Our Melbourne based certified MYOB consultants can assist you in creating a plan for your business. Our specialists are specifically trained…

MYOB Migrations

If you’re wanting to keep your data and transfer to the latest MYOB software and potentially licence procurement, you would be wise to engage an MYOB expert to assist with the migration process.

MYOB Products & Services

Our in-house MYOB certified consultant offer has expertise with all MYOB products and can assist you in all solutions to make MYOB a dream to work with and save valuable time.

For friendly, helpful service contact us today for more information or to have your questions answered.

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Google Rating
Based on 22 reviews