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MYOB Consultants in MelbourneMYOB software is clever, intuitive financial software many businesses in Melbourne use day-to-day to run their business financials.

MYOB_GoldAs your certified MYOB consultants in Melbourne, we can assist you in creating a plan for your business. Our specialists are specifically trained in MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) software, and we can help you identify where the software can deliver more than it currently does in your business.

At SouthEast IT, we pride ourselves on having two certified MYOB consultants and have recognized a lack in the industry for a provider that can give advice not only on the MYOB products and software, but also the hardware and network setup. There is a direct correlation; in order for the software to run at its optimum, so too must the IT environment. We understand that a little bit of information can go a long way; that is why often we will have in-depth discussions about your current business processes and discuss ways to improve by mapping simpler and more cost-effective ways for your business running day-to-day. We can help reduce staff data entry by simplifying and cutting down unnecessary double entry by implementing MYOB and add-ons across multiple platforms in your business.

Having over 10 years of experience in implementing both MYOB accounting and retail software into businesses, we create a relationship with our clients so that they feel in control with full understanding of the program. With an office management back ground, we understand the importance of knowing your business inside and out, and that starts with a diversified financial system that gives you everything you need to know in a snapshot.

MYOB offers a number of software products for your business that will help you streamline your finance processes, enjoy faster and more efficient communication with your customers, and understand where your business is on track with sales and on point with cash flow. MYOB has a clever business insights feature that gives you a snapshot of where your business is at any time of the day or night. With this information, you can drive your business further and, with our help, make all your systems run smoothly every day.

Your staff will enjoy more streamlined business processes with MYOB solutions, which will help keep all your business information at your fingertips. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with IT services and MYOB solutions.

As your MYOB consultants, our team at SouthEast IT can assist you with retail solutions, ERP solutions, and the small business suite that will provide a clear strategy towards improving your business efficiencies. We can help you address cost savings and improved performance with MYOB support.

MYOB Products we assist in:

  • MYOB Essentials – simple, everyday accounting online (web access only)
  • AccountRight Live and AccountRight Classic – start small and unlock features as you need them (PC software only)
  • AccountsEdge (Mac edition of AccountRight Classic)
  • POS
  • Retail Manager (Basic – Advanced) – Everyday retail software
  • Kounter – Cloud based retail POS suitable for cafes, bars and restaurants

Services We Provide:

Upgrade to the latest version of MYOB – Currently using classic platform software? Transfer MYOB to the cloud knowing your data is in the right hands. We confidently migrate your data to Account Right Live platform, doing all the checks and balances to ensure you and your staff have a seamless transition. We can migrate your forms or use the upgraded features to create impressive new forms. Set up and unlock new software features with training along the way. Become super stream compliant and reduce human error with data validation features of bank feeds.

Is your MYOB running slow? We can help! This is one of the number one frustrations for many businesses using MYOB software. Whether it be the classic suite software or cloud Account Right Live, we have many strategies to improve how you use MYOB every day in your business.

We can help you with optimising your MYOB file. Many clients feel confused or unsure of the optimisation process, especially for classic software. We can help you understand this process and help you keep your file size down by using this function, improving speed and reliability of data integrity.

MYOB Add-ons – There are many service providers that can give features or unlock information to enhance the MYOB experience. MYOB software works with a range of approved developers who have made it their business to give greater business solutions. We work closely with many approved MYOB add-on partners. For a comprehensive list, visit

Depending on the platform, often custom scripts are required for information in or out of MYOB. Whether it be website compatibility (importing sales and the like) or assisting an MYOB add-on to work cohesively, SouthEast IT can deliver on a variety of custom scripting. We have custom API to integrate your website with Account Right Live.

Data audit and business process mapping can be the shortfall in many businesses. If your data is not regularly cleansed or you do not have clear outlines on staff processes, you may not be getting the most out of your software’s capabilities. To streamline your business and provide training along the way, we help design a workflow that empowers your staff with the software, so both can work at their full potential.

Customising MYOB forms can be a timely and painstaking process. SouthEast IT can help you design smart, customised forms with logos to give your business a streamlined approach, whether it be invoices, packing slips or purchase orders, to showcase consistency in your brand.

If you have server-edition software and either currently have it networked or want sufficient hardware to ensure its efficiency, we can help you get MYOB running optimally with the hardware for fast, reliable use for your staff. This includes implementation of MYOB terminal servers, file servers and email server solutions.

Service list:

  • Bookkeeper required for data entry
  • Payroll
  • Help with end-of-month reports
  • Help with installation and setup of MYOB accounting software
  • Help with purchasing business accounting software
  • Require any of the above help via remote login access
  • Help with customising forms or reports
  • Help with troubleshooting in MYOB accounting software

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