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Business Internet Connections and VPNs,

We can ensure you have internet connections and VPNs that will protect your company data in Melbourne.

Internet speed and connectivity is an essential key element to any business running in the digital age. Working closely with many ISP vendors means we can bring to market internet speed options you weren’t necessarily aware were available to your business. Steering you away from over-priced data plans can open your business potential allowing your staff to increase productivity and provide your customers with fast and timely responses required.

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Don’t let customers go waiting; invest your time in us, to help your business work smarter, not harder, with money-saving potential. Our experienced team is equipped not only to provide IT support, but we can also make recommendations that will keep your business online and secure day and night.

Now that you have fast, reliable internet, what next? Another service we provide is bandwidth control. With so many portable devices in the workplace connected to the network, you may be unaware of applications and programs that are working at only half of their capacity due to bandwidth being used on other devices for non-business purposes. We can monitor how a company spends its bandwidth data and over time allocate bandwidth to business-critical devices, applications and programs. This will speed up systems and productivity.

Now that your systems are working like they should, now comes the added task of giving and trusting in secure connections from out of your office into your network. A virtual private network (VPN) can give the user the feel of working in the office and access to all the data on your network with permissions set as if they were working in the office. When travelling or working from home, this is a safe and secure way for staff to access the data they need to do their work. We can assist in setting up safe and secure tunnel pathways through the internet for data access.

Whether you require a remote access VPN for users from outside the office location or site-to-site VPN for businesses that have multiple locations, we can connect your staff to reduce travelling times and increase productivity with proven hardware solutions to connect your staff anytime, anywhere. We provide a wide range of technology solutions to meet your needs. Contact us at SouthEast IT today.

Internet Connections, Melbourne, VIC

If you’re tired of waiting for the NBN, ask us about TPG for faster, more reliable internet connections in Melbourne.

Have you been waiting for the NBN to reach your business, but you don’t think you can continue to wait for your fibre services to pick up? If there were a better alternative for internet connections for your business, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it?

At SouthEast IT, we know that having a high-speed internet connection is crucial to the way your business operates. If you have unreliable internet speeds due to the limited nature of the NBN, you will find the solution you need with our TPG Fibre Alternative.

Why TPG through SouthEast IT?

  • Take advantage of one of the fastest National Fibre Networks.
  • Combine dedicated business uses such as SIP voice, data, and cloud solutions with reliable internet connections.
  • Employ internet speeds 100 x faster than NBN, as well as lower pricing and business-grade SLAs.

TPG is a rapidly expanding network that is being incorporated into major national projects such as Vodafone’s mobile network, TPG’s own mobile network, and Adelaide City Council’s 10Gbps city initiative.

By choosing TPG through SouthEast IT, bring fibre closer to your business in Melbourne, Victoria and get 100/100Mbps fibre from $799 per month*. This can be used for SIP voice, data, cloud and internet connections all at the same time. Our team at SouthEast IT can make this transition fast and efficient, so your business is up and running just the way it should be.

If you’re looking for a solution for faster and more reliable fibre internet for your business, there is a solution without waiting for NBN. Contact us at SouthEast IT to learn more about fibre for your business.

Fibre Internet Connections, Melbourne

Switch to fibre for optimal connectivity at your location.

A reliable, fast internet connection is an integral part of successfully running the day-to-day operations of your business. In today’s connected world with so many options for internet connections, one continues to stand above the rest in terms of speed and reliability: fibre. Using small, flexible strands that transmit light, data can be sent faster over greater distances with a fibreoptic connection.

When choosing between options, fibre internet connections are the right choice not only because of the speed and reliability of fibre, but also for the many other advantages it offers. For instance, with fibre internet connections:

  • You can run VoIP and cloud apps at the same time without interruptions or slowdowns.
  • You only need one connection, instead of managing a phone system, internet, and 4G network.
  • You allow your cloud apps to run at optimal speed.

We understand that having a reliable, high-speed internet connection is crucial to the way you do business here at SouthEast IT. If you are interested in a fibre connection, we cannot say enough good things about our TPG fibre alternative. With this connection option, you take advantage of one of the fastest fibre networks in Melbourne, employ internet speeds 100x faster than NBN, and retain the ability to combine dedicated business uses, such as data, SIP, and cloud solutions.

Our team will make the transition to fibre with TPG fast and efficient, so your business continues to run as it should with minimal downtime. Contact us today to find out more about fibre internet connections and why this method stands above others for business use.

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Google Rating
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