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Microsoft Teams, Melbourne, VIC

Work better remotely with Microsoft Teams.

Call, collaborate, and chat from anywhere with Microsoft Teams. Ideal for team collaboration on all Microsoft and third-party support products, Microsoft Teams lets your organisation conduct full-screen video meetings, so people can work better together remotely.

This mobile app works from anywhere, and you can seamlessly integrate it with Outlook Calendar, so everyone on your team knows when meetings happen. With Microsoft Teams, you also receive access to the following features:

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  • Meetings with up to 300 users—Communicate with a small inner circle or with everyone who helps run your organisation anywhere and anytime.
  • Screen sharing—You choose what to show during chats or meetings, from your desktop, a specific file, an app, or what’s on your desktop.
  • Background blur—Remove distractions and make sure your meeting goes smoothly by blurring what’s in your background.
  • Guest access—Give outside users, like clients and others outside of your organisation, the ability to access your channels and existing teams.
  • File sharing—Easily share files between your teams for improved communication and collaboration.
  • Full-scale security—Keep the information you share secure with Microsoft Teams data encryption.
  • File sharing—Quickly share files and documents on Microsoft Teams and work on them with everyone simultaneously.
  • Integrated apps and services—Create an accessible hub for teamwork by bringing frequently used apps and services onto the Teams platform.

With its flexibility, convenience, and reliability, Microsoft Teams is the collaboration and communication platform your business needs. Integrate Microsoft Teams into your organization today by calling us at SouthEast IT, serving the greater Melbourne, VIC area, for help with setup, licensing, and troubleshooting.

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