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Microsoft PowerPoint Features to Maximise Workplace Efficiency For Your Business

Collaborate and Organise your business needs with Micrsosoft Powerpoint. Get the most out of Poweropint with built in features and shortcuts

PowerPoint is a versatile presentation software that allows you to design and deliver impactful slideshows.

giving you the tools to arrange text, images, charts, and multimedia in a visually appealing manner.

Whether you’re presenting a business proposal, a project update, or a creative concept, PowerPoint helps you structure information effectively, making your presentations both polished and engaging.

In this blog post, we will explore why businesses need PowerPoint and how to use it more efficiently.

How can PowerPoint streamline my business needs?

Leveraging your software packages strategically can significantly enhance business productivity by improving communication, collaboration, and information dissemination.

Here are several ways to increase business productivity with PowerPoint:

Streamlined Reporting

Use charts and graphs to present data effectively, making reports more visually appealing and easier to understand.

Standardized Templates

Create and use standardized, branded templates for presentations to maintain a consistent and professional look across the organization.

Quick Prototyping

Use PowerPoint to quickly prototype and visualize concepts before investing time and resources in more advanced design or development phases.

Client Presentations

Customize presentations for client meetings, showcasing relevant information and addressing specific client needs

Increase your business’ productivity with these built in features

Images: Insert pictures and graphics.

Audio: Add sound effects or background music.

Video: Embed video files or link to online videos.

SmartArt: Create visually appealing diagrams and flowcharts.

Co-Authoring: Collaborate on presentations in real-time.

Comments: Add and reply to comments on specific slides.

Sharing Options: Share presentations online or via email.

Transition Effects: Apply animations between slides.

Animation Effects: Animate individual elements on a slide.

Animation Pane: Manage and customize animations.

Password Protection: Secure presentations with passwords.

Encryption: Encrypt presentations for added security.

Excel: Embed Excel tables, charts, and data.

Word: Embed PowerPoint slides into Word documents.

Outlook: Send presentations directly from PowerPoint.

Practice and rehearse your presentation, tracking timing.

there’s a shortcut for that

Ctrl + D to Duplicate slide

Number + Enter Go to a specific slide

Ctrl + T to Toggle between Normal view and Slide Sorter view

Ctrl + W to Close the current presentation

Shift + N to Move to the next slide

Ctrl + S to Stop or restart an automatic slide show

Want More?

Check out Microsoft’s training to further develop your skillset

PowerPoint Add Ins

3D Models

Microsoft PowerPoint has a vast collection of 3D models in various categories. The major categories for 3D models include animals, emojis, avatars, shapes, electronics, and gadgets.

Presenter Coach

If you are wanting to enhance your presentation skills, then Presenter Coach is the perfect option for you.

It provides you with real-time feedback on your presentation skills. It first analyzes all the words you speak. Then, by using artificial intelligence, it suggests how you can improve further.

Morph Transition

By adding Morph transitions, you can animate different aspects of your slides. You can animate different objects, slides, and even texts as you like.

PP Designer

This AI-driven feature helps you transform your PPT’s appearance.

When you add or change the content of an existing slide, the Designer analyses it and suggests ideas that match the content of your PPT.

How do I get it?

PowerPoint is available through Microsoft’s 365 Standard and Premium license packages

As a Microsoft partner, SouthEast IT can help you find the right product for your business

Find out more about what Microsoft package best suits your needs here or

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Google Rating
Based on 22 reviews