How to Protect Your Child Online from Adult Content

The internet and the technology that we have access to today is truly remarkable. With more access to information than we have ever had before, the answers, knowledge or education that we seek is never more than a few clicks away. However, while we don’t want to deny our children the access to great sources of education and entertainment that technology offers, we do want to protect them from the online predators who target young children, violent or sexual images, and other information that is not age appropriate. How to keep children safe online is a common question we get here at SouthEast IT, and we have a few tips to help you.

  • Take precautions. Google Safe Search is a great place to start. This will act as a filter to block content you wouldn’t want your children to view. There are similar solutions with different websites like Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube as well. You can also use filters and parental controls on your devices and other search engines.
  • Give devices a bedtime. Whether your child has a phone, tablet, computer or all of the above, give them all a “bedtime.” Not only will this help with sleeping patterns, but it can also ensure that there isn’t browsing when there should be sleeping.
  • Use honest communication. Even if you have your devices locked down and safe, that doesn’t mean they won’t see something on a device at a friend’s home. Make sure you use open and honest communication and let them know they can talk to you if they see something that made them uncomfortable.

If you need help or advice making your devices safe for your children, please call us here at SouthEast IT.