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Are Slow Computers Getting in the Way of Your Productivity?

Slow computers are aggravating for many reasons, but for your business, they also mean that less gets done and your employees are less productive throughout the day. Since this issue is one that is worth addressing, we have compiled some tips that can help you speed up your systems and help your employees use more time working and less time waiting for programs to start up.

For Windows

If your office computers run on Windows (ideally Windows 10), just a few quick changes can optimise the functionality and performance of your systems. We recommend:

  • Limiting the number of programs that start up when you turn on your computers.
  • Getting rid of “crapware” programs that can slow system performance down.
  • Adding more RAM to your office computers.
  • Improving PC performance by installing solid-state drives.
  • Making disk cleanup a regular process.
  • Ensuring every computer has active anti-virus software.

For Mac

If your employees are sick and tired of staring at the rainbow pinwheel instead of getting work done, here are some ways to easily speed up your Mac computers:

  • Take note of what’s using space on your computers and eliminate what’s unnecessary.
  • Get rid of any apps your employees don’t use.
  • Consider moving larger files to your company’s cloud drive.
  • Make sure your employees regularly update their computers.

Our Biggest Recommendation

When it comes to your office computers, we cannot stress enough that less is more. The less time your computer systems waste going through unnecessary startups and sorting through unused programs, the more efficiently they will run overall.

At SouthEast IT, we are happy to assess the speed of your office computers and network during a comprehensive audit. We will not push new hardware on you (we like to help our clients find value in existing setups whenever necessary), but will compile a list of action items, and you can prioritise based on our recommendations. Contact us today to get started!