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Tips for Performing Regular Computer Maintenance to Increase Performance

Regular PC maintenance can prevent frustrating issues. At SouthEast IT, we offer several managed services designed to eliminate the guesswork from maintaining your company’s computers, and we are always here to help if you are unsure of where to begin, what to do, and how to continue with a prescribed maintenance plan.

At the same time, there are certain practices your staff can follow to ensure the smooth and secure operation of their computers. These include:

  • Checking for viruses—Although most new computers today come pre-installed with antivirus software, this isn’t always enough to protect a business’ sensitive information and files. Have your employees run “full” scans on their devices at least once a month and complement their efforts with our managed antivirus services, which are designed to cost-effectively manage your servers. Outsourcing this task provides benefits when it comes to security and peace of mind.
  • Updating software—Without regular software updates and upgrades, the speed, reliability, and performance of your business’ computers will suffer. Ask your employees to accept updates as they become available and ask us about helping you stay on top of software and operating system upgrades to ensure ongoing PC performance.
  • Backing up critical files—There is no guarantee certain files will be salvageable when a computer breaks down. Consider a Network Attached Storage solution as an alternative to onsite file services or relying completely on the cloud.
  • Removing dust—Although this may seem simple, request that your employees keep their computers clean and remove dust as it accumulates. When dust builds up on a computer’s hardware, lack of ventilation can cause the device to slow down and overheat.
  • Clearing out files—Unwanted files can clog your hard drive and slow down your PC, so ask your employees to eliminate files as they become unnecessary. We can also advise on storage solutions for rarely used files and how to completely eliminate unwanted files from your systems.
  • Upgrading to a SSD—Upgrading your business’ computers with solid state drives can be beneficial if your computers run slow or consistently crash. Our team can help you make this simple, cost-effective upgrade.