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7 Ways Managed IT Services Can Benefit Your Business and Save You Money

Deploying, managing and maintaining IT services within your business can be expensive, time consuming and fraught with technical difficulties, especially for smaller businesses that may lack the advanced skills and knowledge required to ensure smooth running of technical services and infrastructure.

Moving to a managed IT service to monitor, maintain and protect your business’ digital needs is an investment that can pay significant dividends both in the short-term and the long-term. But what are managed IT services, and how can they help your business grow?

What are managed IT services?

Managed IT services are a cost-effective method of outsourcing your technology requirements and maintenance to an experienced, dedicated business, to run day to day. A managed IT service provider (MSP) typically provides their services on a subscription basis via a Service Level Agreement (SLA), that clearly sets out the service package they will deliver. An MSP can support:

  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance
  • Network management
  • Communication management
  • Training and upgrades
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Data and cyber security
  • A move to virtualised and cloud-based systems

Managed IT services can be beneficial for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with many strong financial, security and risk mitigating reasons for making the shift. Here’s the top seven ways that managed IT services can benefit your business and save you money.

1. Fixed IT costs

One of the most compelling ways managed IT services will save your business money is that you’ll move to a fixed IT cost structure. While the initial IT infrastructure and systems may require an up-front capital expenditure (dependent on size, deployment and configuration requirements), moving to managed IT services will provide the assurance of a fixed monthly cost that will allow you to better control, plan and manage your business’ IT budget.

When compared with the expense of recruiting, managing and retaining your own dedicated IT support staff; managed IT services provide continuity of service for your day-to-day IT systems, network and data administration as well as efficiency of expenditure.

2. Scalable infrastructure

Managed IT services are designed to grow with your business, providing you scalable network, hardware and software infrastructure so you can focus on your core business and let the experts take care of the systems, processes and provisioning needed to support it.

Whether you need your managed IT services provider to assist with hardware procurement, configuration and deployment, setup and management of on-premise servers, or cloud services deployment and management; you’ll find a cost effective service structure to fit your business, both now and in the future.

3. Proactive monitoring

Your MSP will provide proactive monitoring and management of your IT network and server load, ensuring it’s distributed evenly to keep your IT services operational and efficient. This helps avoid the disruptive and potentially costly impact that system downtime can have on your customers, team, sales and business reputation.

Whether remote or onsite, having an MSP proactively managing your IT services supports business continuity by ensuring that issues are identified and rectified before they escalate.

4. Improved productivity and efficiency

In business, time is money, and your IT services are no different. Efficiency and availability in services is crucial, to ensure your business is performing at peak. Managed IT services help improve productivity and efficiency by keeping your digital solutions humming with a minimum of downtime.

An MSP can help your business productivity and efficiency by deploying and supporting software and communication systems to help your staff get the most from devices and integrated business tools.

5. Experienced resourced support and training

Managed IT services provide your business with on-demand support and training for your team as your needs and systems change. This keeps your business future-proofed, ensuring your IT services are delivered in a seamless manner without costly resourcing constraints and knowledge gaps.

Technology changes frequently, and it’s important to keep up to date with digital developments and enhancements that will not only help you improve productivity and stay relevant to your customers, but also keep you competitive in your market sector.

Having your MSP update, deploy and train your team in new and existing software eliminates the cost of organising and managing training for your team.

6. Customised solutions and upgrades

If technology is not your forte, then understanding the pros and cons of the many systems and hardware options may seem overwhelming.  Whilst most businesses have similar functions, in our experience no two companies operate in exactly the same way.  Off-the-shelf solutions often need to be customised to suit specific needs. A good MSP can help you define and confirm your IT requirements, and procure the equipment that’s relevant and cost effective for your business.

Beyond the initial setup and deployment, IT systems will need future upgrades to remain current and secure. Understanding the upgrades that your systems and infrastructure need, and deploying them securely with minimal business disruption is an important factor to consider in your managed IT services, and one that your MSP will be able to advise on and support.

7. Cyber security support

Cyber security is a very real issue for businesses, with an exponential rise in malicious spam, phishing emails, hackers and denial of service attacks that can leave your business financially and operationally crippled if exposed. Managed IT services mitigates the risk of cyberattacks for your business, by employing the latest best practice and security compliant strategies.

An MSP can act as a partner to protect your valuable business data and intellectual property from cybersecurity threats, dark web activity and human risk through cyber awareness training, automated system security and threat monitoring.

Grow your business with managed IT services

Managed IT services provide the assurance and confidence that your IT systems and infrastructure are operating at their best day in, day out.

With options available for small, medium and enterprise level businesses in Melbourne, SouthEast IT is the MSP that understands the importance of keeping your business IT systems operational, your data accurate and secure, and your team supported in the most cost effective and efficient manner so that you can focus on growing your business.

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