VoIP Phone Systems & Business Services Melbourne

VoIP is a fantastic technology solution that will save your business money.

How Does VoIP Work? in Melbourne, Victoria

You may not know much about VoIP but you are already using it. If you have the NBN then you are.

All phone lines with the NBN are now VoIP lines.

So why consider a VoIP system for your business then?

 Here Are 10 Good Reasons to Consider VoIP

  1. No need for hand sets. You can use software on your computer or mobile phones only to answer or make calls.
  2. It’s intuitive and easy to use
  3. You don’t need a license per extention, just per concurrent call, or how many calls are being made at the same time. This can make it be a big saving for most businesses.
  4. It’s software based, so no need for extra hardware with potential breakage risk. There’s nothing to pay to maintain.
  5. You can record all calls – excellent staff training, and access them from anywhere easily.
  6. Video conferencing options, so you can make video calls.
  7. Backups are easy and can be offsite for peace of mind.
  8. Security is excellent with built in IP blocking and includes an SSL Certificate to prevent hackers taking over your phone system.
  9. It’s a very efficient system because it doesn’t require much hardware in terms of computer RAM and CPU resources.
  10.  VoIP supports up to 90 different SIP providers in Australia.

There are plenty of customisable options with the set up of VoIP.

For example, you can choose how many people’s phones ring in your business, whether they are on location or offshore such as The Philippines.

You can add custom answering to specific inquiries.

You can track employee productivity by how many calls were answered by each employee.

You can even route the calls to the person who is answering the lease number of phone calls.

It’s easy and fast to change who is answering phone calls and you can do it all yourself.

To setup VoIP system, it’s a simple process for our professional team. Once it’s installed, training and instructions are provided to your team so you can control the number of employees who can answer the phone at any time.

Contact SouthEast IT today if you are wondering about a VoIP phone system and service to improve your company and team’s performance.