How Does VoIP Work?, Melbourne, VIC

Use VoIP technology to your company’s advantage by understanding how it works.

How Does VoIP Work? in Melbourne, Victoria

As a small business owner, one question you may consistently ask yourself is “How does VoIP work?” For your business, adding VoIP technology to your data network can help you reduce costs, enhance collaboration between team members and clients, and boost productivity. However, understanding how VoIP works is the first step to easily using this technology to your company’s advantage.

So how does VoIP work? For starters, when using a VoIP system, analog voice calls are transformed into packets of data, which travel just like your e-mail or any other type of data over your wireless network. When you install a VoIP service, you can call cell phones or landlines as well as make calls computer-to-computer, with each party using a headset and speaking into a computer microphone.

Since VoIP technology uses packets of data, you can transfer much more information over a network to support your organisation’s communication needs. Not only can you benefit from traditional voice services, but VoIP also gives you access to a variety of advanced applications that can make your team more productive, agile, and efficient.

We deliver seamless transitions from traditional phone systems to VoIP frameworks by offering our clients in Melbourne, Victoria the 3CX Phone System for Windows. This software-based system works with SIP standard-based IP phones, VoIP gateways, and SIP trunks for a complete PBX solution. Used by thousands of companies throughout the world, 3CX is consistently recognised for its level of innovation and leading technology.

Communicate effectively in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Contact us at SouthEast IT today if you are wondering “How does VoIP work?” and we can help you integrate this technology seamlessly into your operations.