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3CX VoIP Business Telephone Services

Changing Your Melbourne Business Phone Over to a VoIP Service is a Seamless Experience and a Great Decision

Do you want to save money on your phone calls? The cost-benefit analysis on VoIP telephone services makes it an outstanding way to save money on your business phone calls!

VoIP is more than just a product. You want a company that provides you with complete VoIP services and tailored solutions to customise the system to your needs.

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There’s the hardware, connection and implementation that are all important to consider with installation of your new VoIP system so dealing with an experienced VoIP team who can support your business is all part of the ongoing service to also consider.

VoIP is a very cost-effective solution compared with traditional phone and internet connections.

From phone lines to IP telephony systems, our VoIP services team can help you create a seamless communications experience.

  • Integrate your organisation’s voice, video and data services. At SouthEast IT, our business hosts unified communications that are a scale-able and cost-effective solution for those who want to communicate better.
  • Our team can provide your business with competitive rates for PSTN and ISDN line services. We’ll help ensure that you’re not paying for unused lines and that your connections can be easily scaled to meet your changing business needs.
  • You can choose to promote your business with dedicated 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers and provide your customers with a single national point of contact.
  • To communicate effectively in today’s competitive business environment, you need a phone system that is hassle free, cost-effective and designed to suit your needs. That’s what our 3CX VoIP systems can provide you with.

VoIP Migrations from Telstra, Melbourne, VIC

Seamlessly migrate from Telstra to a VoIP system.

Are you tired of dealing with Telstra? Do you feel like you pay too much for your phone calls with Telstra? That can easily change and you can minimise phone communication problems within your operations and cut costs by switching to a VoIP system.

SouthEast IT can supply a 3CX phone system and handsets and port your phone numbers directly to the new system, so you keep your existing numbers from Telstra. When our team carries out the VoIP migrations from Telstra, prices can start from as low as $6.95 per line per month.

You also have the option of unlimited SIP trunks as well as NBN connections on the same bill. Talk to our friendly IT team to explain what this is if you’re unsure.

In addition to significant cost savings, VoIP migrations from Telstra offers the following benefits for your Melbourne business, regardless of its size:

  • Superior call quality—The people you call won’t be able to tell you are using a VoIP system versus a traditional connection from Telstra.
  • Multi-functional capability—Besides making and receiving calls, a modern VoIP system lets you incorporate other communication options, like teleconferencing, instant messaging, presence information, video conferencing, and more.
  • Enhanced security—When compared with a traditional analog telephone connection, VoIP systems are much more secure. These systems come with standard encryption protocols, which maintain the security of your calls and data.
  • Portability—As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can use a VoIP system from anywhere.

Our IT pro’s highly recommend VoIP migrations from Telstra because of the flexibility, security, and cost savings these systems offer to any business.

Find out more about the migration process and why you should make this a priority by contacting us today.

VoIP Business Systems for Melbourne Businesses

VoIP systems offer many advantages over standard phone systems for any business

Reliable phone access is critical to your business’ day-to-day operations, and while much of your work may be completed on networked computers, phones are still necessary for ongoing communication.

Instead of opting for a standard, proprietary phone system, Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP systems, feature phone technology using a broadband internet connection, and they offer many advantages over old systems.

More specifically, the VoIP phone system our expert team recommends – 3CX – offers a range of benefits to businesses in Melbourne, which include the following:

  • Soft-phones – No longer will every desk need to be equipped with a handset. VoIP systems allow users to make calls on their mobile or PC.
  • Call recordings – Using 3CX, calls can be recorded and accessed easily.
  • Concurrent licencing – 3CX is licenced based on each concurrent call, not how many extensions you require. You can have up to 20 extensions and four separate lines.
  • Automatic fall-over and backups – Our team can run daily backups of your phone system and, in the event of a failure, restore your phone system in a matter of minutes.
  • Efficiency – 3CX runs on Linux and uses very few resources.
  • Security – With its built-in IP blocking system, 3CX prevents hackers from taking over your phone system.
  • Ease of use – 3CX comes with software and a web interface that is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Onsite – If you are worried about your offsite phone system chewing through your internet connection, an onsite phone system like 3CX is for you.
  • Unlimited ring groups – 3CX provides full flexibility, thanks to its ability to provide unlimited ring groups and ring queues.
  • Video conferencing – With 3CX, hosted video conferencing capabilities are included in the licence.

If the benefits of 3CX and VOIP phone systems are of interest to you and your business, contact the professional team of SouthEast IT to discuss implementation and find out how you can enjoy a customised a phone system tailored to your business needs and situation, and start saving money.

VoIP telephone systems increase your business’ efficiency and reduce call costs

Here are a few more reasons a VoIP telephone system may be a good move for your business in Melbourne:

SouthEast IT are a 3CX Silver Partner and are ready to discuss how the installation of this system can provide the solutions you are looking for. With our easy installation and management services, as well as a commutable extension, you’ll never have to worry that you can’t assist your customers while on the go.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of VoIP telephone systems and how you can upgrade your business seamlessly and cost effectively.