Microsoft 365 Licensing, Melbourne, VIC

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Microsoft 365 Licensing in Melbourne, Victoria
Your Microsoft 365 business subscription gives you access to a series of apps and services your business pays for monthly or annually. The services and applications you receive depend on the subscription and license you purchase. For example, your license may include Microsoft 365 apps for business or Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

When you go through the Microsoft 365 licensing process, you dictate how many licenses your business needs depending on how many people are employed by your organisation. After you purchase your subscription, you then create accounts for every person who works at your business and assign an individual license to every person. As your Melbourne, Victoria business grows, so will your Microsoft 365 licensing needs. You can either buy more licenses to accommodate for your growing team or reassign licenses to other users when someone leaves your organisation.

If your business bought more than one subscription, you can assign different licenses to different people depending on the subscriptions you have. For instance, you can give every one of your employees access to your Microsoft 365 application as part of your Microsoft Business Standard subscription. You can then assign just a few users to your Visio Online subscription through your separate Visio subscription.

Our team at SouthEast IT can help you with all facets of the Microsoft 365 licensing process, including assigning and distributing subscriptions. For more information about how we can help with this and what we offer, contact us today.