Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions are something we highly recommend here at SouthEast IT because they are a cost-effective alternative to an onsite file server, they can be configured to backup PCs and/or services, and because since every NAS device comes equipped with its own operating system, supporting its operation is cost-effective. Another reason why we cannot say enough good things about NAS solutions for businesses of all sizes and types is because you can sync your NAS device with cloud solutions, like Active Backup for Office 365 from Synology.

NAS solutions for businesses of all sizes

Active Backup for Office 365 from Synology is the right on-premise solution for your cloud solutions like Microsoft Office 365 for the following reasons:

  • You’ll have full onsite backups of all cloud storage solutions such as emails, OneDrive/Google Drive and calendar and contacts.
  • You have full ownership of your cloud data by keeping a backup onsite.
  • It helps your business to comply with regulations that may apply to your industry about having full control and backups of your clients’ data.
  • Information stored in Office 365 calendars is saved and backed up in case of system failure with full version history.

NAS solutions backed by Active Backup for Office 365 allow you to monitor all backup tasks from a single console, effectively reduce backup time, and satisfy a variety of data recovery scenarios. When it comes down to it, backing up your NAS solutions with this backup option is an excellent choice for your business, its ongoing operations, and your data security. For more information and help with implementation, reach out to us at SouthEast IT today.