Coronavirus Preparation: Can Your Workforce Successfully Shift to Working from Home?

It is hard to ignore the coronavirus pandemic as it takes over nearly every news headline and becomes a threat to the health of your people and daily operations. While you may have plans to institute a work-from-home policy to help with containment efforts, doing so is easier said than done.

For working from home to be practical and effective for your employees and your company, several conditions must exist, including the following:

  • Every employee working remotely should have the infrastructure, including a laptop computer and potentially a headset to take care of their work functions.
  • You must have software in place to support collaboration, and the computers your employees use at home should work with this software. Each of your employees also needs to know how to effectively use the software and hardware.
  • Do not expect your staff to work from a restaurant or location with free Wi-Fi—they must have high-speed internet access at home with sufficient bandwidth. We can assist with NBN connections.
  • Your employees should have some level of IT support, and your management structure should initiate practices that encourage effective work habits. SouthEast IT can assist with secure remote access solutions and remote IT support on out support agreements.

If completing these steps sounds complicated, you are not alone. Most small businesses simply do not have the technological expertise, time, and planning capabilities to shift from onsite to at-home production.

For this, you can turn to us at SouthEast IT. We can provide the necessary help and planning you need to manage what could otherwise be a disaster for your company as you prepare to have your employees work from home. To get started, contact us today!