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SMB Cybersecurity

Introducing Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Services for Your Small Business

For Small Business’ in this ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, safeguarding your business has never been more crucial. Cyberattacks can have devastating financial repercussions, and it’s time to reconsider the effectiveness of your existing cybersecurity stratergy. Building and maintaining a fully staffed security operations center can be prohibitively expensive for most organizations. Moreover, many managed security service providers (MSSPs) on the market today are not only costly but also limited in their coverage, primarily focusing on a select few edge security devices, which falls short of comprehensive protection. Additionally, compliance requirements are becoming increasingly stringent across various industries.

The CyberSecurity Challenge

Recognizing these challenges, we are thrilled to introduce our holistic cybersecurity solution tailored for Australian businesses. Our offering encompasses cybersecurity monitoring for all your critical devices, going beyond the traditional firewall-centric approach. We leverage cutting-edge analytics and correlation techniques to proactively detect threats and trigger automated alerts, ensuring round-the-clock vigilance, 365 days a year. Furthermore, our team of skilled security analysts conducts daily reviews of your security data to provide human oversight and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

What sets our solution apart is its seamless integration with your existing IT support infrastructure, right down to integrating with your trouble ticketing system. The best part? Our modern machine learning technology and automation make our solution remarkably cost-effective. In fact, we can monitor your entire network at a fraction of the cost you’d typically pay an MSSP to manage a single firewall or intrusion detection system. In essence, our solution bridges the “cybersecurity gulf” – addressing the growing threat landscape and compliance demands while respecting the constraints of time, resources, and budget.

But how does our service excel in threat detection, compliance adherence, and cost-efficiency? We start by deploying a specialized virtual server on your network, known as a collector. This collector establishes connections with all your critical devices to gather crucial information such as manufacturer details, device models, and configurations. It then collects real-time security logs from every device, ensuring the data is compressed and fully encrypted before transmitting it to our cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

SIEM and how it can help your business

To provide a clearer picture, here’s an example of the device information we collect and store in our SIEM: we possess comprehensive knowledge of each device, including installed applications and active Windows services on servers. This in-depth understanding of your critical devices, their functions, and configurations is instrumental in accurate correlation and analysis.

Moreover, we use this information to automatically track any configuration changes, a vital feature, especially for organizations in regulated industries like healthcare, retail, or financial services. Our change management capability plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance.

As security events flow into our SIEM, we enhance them with geolocation data, which essentially tracks the origin and destination of network traffic, down to specific locations like cities, states, countries, and offices. These enriched events are then compared against our global threat database, maintained through multiple threat feeds. Our SIEM’s robust analytics engine then kicks in, correlating and analyzing events from all your devices to detect any anomalies, including known and unknown cybersecurity threats. Upon identifying high-severity issues, immediate notifications are dispatched to your support team via email or direct integration with your ticketing system, complete with remediation guidance for swift issue resolution.

For issues and suspicious activities that don’t trigger automatic alerts, our security operations center (SOC) takes over. Our SOC team conducts daily reviews of reports, dashboards, and trend data, tirelessly monitoring all your events. These human reviews are particularly valuable for uncovering hidden threats that automated systems might overlook, a crucial requirement in regulated industries. Our service also includes an extensive library of reports, offering over 2,200 customizable options that can be bundled into a single PDF document. Additionally, we provide a monthly summary report in plain English, offering a concise overview of the past month’s events and our actions.

To further empower you, we provide a user-friendly web portal with customizable dashboards, consolidating all your critical information in one place. Whether you prefer our default dashboards or wish to create your own, our service offers flexibility and ease of access.

In summary, our comprehensive cybersecurity solution goes beyond safeguarding your firewall alone; it extends protection to all your critical devices. With advanced analytics, proactive threat detection, and compliance adherence, we offer a fully integrated solution that seamlessly aligns with your existing IT support framework. All of this comes at an extremely competitive cost, likely less than your current security monitoring expenses. To delve deeper into our solution or explore cybersecurity topics in greater detail, please visit our cybersecurity page or contact us today.

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