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VOIP Systems: The Alternative to Standard Phone Systems for Your Business

Communication is critical to your business’ daily operations, and while you may use chat features, email, and text messages for the majority of your communications, having a phone system in place is still necessary. Are you looking for an alternative to a proprietary phone system? VOIP systems use technology that relies on a broadband internet connection, and at SouthEast IT, we recommend the 3CX system, an advanced VOIP system that provides a number of benefits to any business operation.

Before making the switch to a VOIP system, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to get rid of handsets at every desk? VOIP systems allow your employees to easily make phone calls either from their mobile phone or their PC.
  • Do you want to record phone calls for quality assurance purposes? With the 3CX system, you can record and access all calls with ease.
  • Do you want to prevent system failures? With the implementation of 3CX, we can run daily backups of your phone system. In the event of a failure, we have the capability to restore your phone system in a matter of minutes.
  • Do you want to unburden your connection? If your offsite phone system chews through your internet connection, 3CX is an excellent, onsite alternative.
  • Do you need the ability to video conference? When you secure a 3CX license, you can take advantage of this system’s video conferencing capabilities.

3CX is also highly efficient and comes with security features that prevent hackers from taking over your phone system. Consult with us at SouthEast IT today to discuss VOIP systems and how 3CX can help you streamline your business’ operations.