Internet Connections, Melbourne, VIC

Internet Connections, Melbourne,

If you’re tired of waiting for the NBN, ask us about TPG for faster, more reliable internet connections in Melbourne.

Have you been waiting for the NBN to reach your business, but you don’t think you can continue to wait for your fibre services to pick up? If there were a better alternative for internet connections for your business, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it?

At SouthEast IT, we know that having a high-speed internet connection is crucial to the way your business operates. If you have unreliable internet speeds due to the limited nature of the NBN, you will find the solution you need with our TPG Fibre Alternative.

Why TPG through SouthEast IT?

  • Take advantage of one of the fastest National Fibre Networks.
  • Combine dedicated business uses such as SIP voice, data, and cloud solutions with reliable internet connections.
  • Employ internet speeds 100 x faster than NBN, as well as lower pricing and business-grade SLAs.

TPG is a rapidly expanding network that is being incorporated into major national projects such as Vodafone’s mobile network, TPG’s own mobile network, and Adelaide City Council’s 10Gbps city initiative.

By choosing TPG through SouthEast IT, bring fibre closer to your business in Melbourne, Victoria and get 100/100Mbps fibre from $799 per month*. This can be used for SIP voice, data, cloud and internet connections all at the same time. Our team at SouthEast IT can make this transition fast and efficient, so your business is up and running just the way it should be.

If you’re looking for a solution for faster and more reliable fibre internet for your business, there is a solution without waiting for NBN. Contact us at SouthEast IT to learn more about fibre for your business.