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Transform Your Business Communication with 3CX Phone System

For many businesses, remote working has become an accepted – and necessary – part of operations, despite many being unprepared for this when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020. Two years in, it’s clear that remote working doesn’t need to have a negative impact on your business productivity. With digital tools like 3CX available to help you keep connected with your team and your customers, it doesn’t matter whether your team is working from the office or from home; with 3CX, the technology is there to support you and help transform your business communication.

What exactly is 3CX?

3CX is a business phone system that’s software-based, built on the open SIP standard to support office mobility. It allows you and your team the choice of multiple devices – smartphone, PC or deskphone – to communicate from anywhere via one integrated, software (no hardware required) based phone system. This means you communicate locally, nationally and globally, without a multitude of additional third party apps, via any device you login with.

Essentially, you can call from your landline office number from anywhere in the world to any number. Also the return call can have multiple points of answer, as opposed to a mobile phone which is one point of answer. Calls can be routed and transferred to your entire team meaning you don’t miss calls or let them go through to a message bank.

How does 3CX work?

3CX allows you to move away from standard phone system technology. Traditional phone systems are tied to the PBX (Private Branch Exchange, or private telephone network) for voice calling over analogue phone lines via physical copper or optic fibre cables.

3CX is an IP PBX technology, which means it adds VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) support for additional communication features like audio, video and instant messaging. It uses connected hardware devices like VoIP capable deskphones, smartphones and computers, brought together by software to remove limitations like how many physical phone lines (and extensions) you can have connected into your office from the exchange. 3CX achieves this using SIP trunks, which act like a virtual version of analogue phone lines, connecting channels to your PBX to support incoming and outgoing data transfers over your broadband or fibre connection.

The many benefits you will enjoy when you switch to 3CX

The key benefit of 3CX is that it completely unifies your communications, removing the limitations you have from being tied to the traditional phone network. It keeps you seamlessly connected to your team and your customers, well beyond simple audio and video calling. It removes the need to manually forward calls between your office desk phone and mobile phone; with 3CX, your number is connected against any device you register against it.

The benefits of 3CX for your business includes:

  • Accessible on any compatible device from any location (desk phone, smartphone, computer or other device) with the app available from Apple’s App Store or Google Play
  • Easily make, receive, and transfer audio and video phone calls among your team
  • Instant messaging and status visibility to see when people are online and available
  • Built-in apps for integration with live chat, text, Microsoft 365, so you can keep in touch with your customers and your team no matter what channel they use
  • Integrates with many popular CRM, ERP and Helpdesk tools, as well as Microsoft Teams
  • Reduces the cost of calls (versus using standard PBX calling)
  • Improved sound quality, especially over distance and with multiple callers
  • Simple to deploy and manage, with very little training needed to use
  • Easy to manage and customise as a system administrator, via 3CX’s management console
  • Data redundancy for business continuity, with no single point of failure, so you can have confidence in staying reliably connected
  • Automatic security updates

What integrations are available?

One of 3CX’s most powerful features is its integration with other business tools, including CRM, ERP and Helpdesk tools, as well as Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

CRM and Helpdesk integration

3CX integrates server-side with many popular CRM tools, so you can keep track of your interactions with customers regardless of what channel you use to communicate with. This includes workflow automation, call matching, client record updating, and more.

3CX actively integrates out of the box with:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • MongoDB
  • Zoho
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk

Microsoft Teams integration

3CX’s integration with Microsoft Teams provides an alternative to using Microsoft’s 365 calling plan, and makes it more cost effective. This is achieved through calling via 3CX’s SIP trunks, which can be done from within the Teams interface, which many users are familiar with, without users needing to do anything different. It’s also easier for your IT administrator to manage advanced features such as call routing and queues via the 3CX interface than in Teams, which is particularly beneficial if your business operates a contact call centre.

How much does 3CX cost?

3CX is licensed per concurrent phone call so you can have 20 extensions with an 8 line system, giving you the flexibility to add and remove extensions without extra costs. Ask us today for a quote to implement the system.

Other phone systems charge you per extension – and even for the app for your mobile phone as well – making the system very expensive. With 3CX there is no expensive hardware or cabling required, saving on implementation costs.

How can I get up and running with 3CX?

3CX can be deployed on-premise or over the cloud (your private cloud, or 3CX’s) by SouthEast IT, who also provide the ongoing support, configuration, training and maintenance you need so your communications flow seamlessly.

If you want to improve your business and team productivity, while providing full customer connection for your remote workforce, 3CX is the technology you need to transform your business communication.

Interested in using 3CX for communications in your business?

As a 3CX Silver Partner, we have extensive experience in deploying and supporting 3CX in businesses across Melbourne, and can provide tailored advice and recommendations for setting it up to suit how you do business. Call us today to find out how 3CX can improve your business, team and customer communication – we’re always here to help.