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Office 365 Offers Convenient Options Without Giving Up Security & Speed

By now you have probably heard of Office 365 and all it has to offer. But is it really as good as they say it is? Will your business benefit from the upgrade? At SouthEast IT, we know having access to email, your business files, and other important data is important for daily operations and working on the go.  So, when it comes to Office 365, we think upgrading will provide several features that you will enjoy.

  • Your Files are Safe – The dreaded day comes when your entire internal system bites the dust. As your IT department jumps into panic mode to find the source of the problem and work on a solution, you confidently know that Office 365 will keep your data safe in the cloud and you can simply continue operating per your normal routine.
  • Threat? What Threat? – If you have been concerned about security in the cloud, worry no longer. Office 365 has security features built in and continuous compliance, so you can just focus on doing business. Lost device? No problem. You can remotely wipe any travelling work equipment, so your business is never exposed to outside threats.
  • Lose the Clutter – Those days when your desk is covered in paperwork and you can never find the file you were looking for are a thing of the past. Office 365 allows you to get organised with larger mailbox storage, linked calendars, contacts, and email, and updates are provided across all your devices. It doesn’t get much easier than that!
  • Pinch Pennies – If you love how all this sounds but now you are crunching numbers on your desk calculator, you are in luck. Office 365 provides a predictable monthly cost with flexible options so you can choose the number of users on your system. If you add that to all the other benefits Office 365 has to offer, it’s a great return on your investment.

Office 365 offers many convenient options without giving up your need for security and speed. At SouthEast IT, we can make the transition easy and ensure that you get the most out of Office 365 for your business in Melbourne, Victoria. Contact us today to get started.