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Is Your Internal Wireless Network Running Slow?

A slow internal internet connection that lacks the ability to process uploads and downloads quickly and drops out at any given moment is enough to make you and your employees crazy with frustration. If your current internal connection could use an upgrade from a broadband connection, like ADSL2 or ADSL2+, there are several good connection options available to your operations, including:

  • EFM—Otherwise known as Ethernet First Mile, these connections provide fast, cheap internet connectivity for businesses that have outgrown the constraints of a standard broadband connection.
  • Fixed wireless-Fixed wireless connections run over the same signals used by your phone to connect to the internet, and they are a good option for facilities in more rural areas.
  • Fibre—Currently the fastest broadband technology on the market, fibre connections use optical fibres that provide incredibly high connection speeds and superior reliability.
  • 4G/5G—For areas where ADSL or NBN connections are not available, connecting your site to a 4G or 5G network provides quick, easy-to-install internet.

We recommend not waiting to upgrade your network until speeds drop so low it becomes difficult for your operations to continue. We suggest upgrading your network when you introduce new applications, desire to increase communication levels with customers, hire new employees, begin sending or receiving larger files, or simply want to decrease lag.

In addition to upgrading your network, there are other steps you can take to improve the speed and reliability of your network. First, run regular virus and malware scans on your devices – malicious software can slow down the speed of your connection, or worse, result in cyber-theft and complete network outages.

Second, ask our IT professionals to assess how many devices are connected to your network. If unauthorized users are sharing your bandwidth, removing them from the network may free up enough bandwidth for your customers and employees.

Third and finally, have our team at SouthEast IT come and perform a network audit to ensure your current Wi-Fi setup is performing optimally for your needs and requirements. We understand that weak, slow, and unreliable internet connections can inhibit your ongoing operations, and we are here to help you prevent network downtime.