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6 Reasons to Switch Your Standard Phone System to a VOIP System [infographic]

Communication is the core of almost any business. Despite your use of email, text messaging, and chat features, your phone system still plays a big role in your daily operations. Do you feel taken advantage of by big-name telecommunications companies? Do you want a better communications experience for your employees and your clients? At SouthEast IT, here are our top 5 reasons why you should switch to a VOIP system:

1.   Eliminate handsets at every desk—With a VOIP system like 3CX, your employees can easily make calls from their PC or their mobile phone. You can also work from anywhere with Android and iOS clients.

2.   Record phone calls for quality assurance—You can record all calls and review them for quality assurance purposes with the 3CX system. Additionally, with advanced call queues, you can enhance the call experience for your clients.

3.   Prevent system failures—Implement 3CX and run daily backups on your phone system. If a failure does occur, you can restore your system in a matter of minutes. Since it is software based, 3CX is also easy to install and manage.

4.   Unburden your internet connection—3CX is an excellent option if your current offsite phone system chews through your internet connection.

5.   Video conference with ease—3CX gives you the ability to video conference with anyone at any time throughout the world.

6.   Integrate with other systems—You can integrate 3CX directly with your CRM and accounting software. This system also lets you leverage your existing IT infrastructure and server hardware for a streamlined experience.